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Julia Montes shocked Dimples Romana when she washes the dishes on the latter’s house

Dimples Romana is surprised by Julia Montes when the latter do the house chores.

As we all know, Julia is not receiving any project now.

It is as per her she didn’t want to go on a lock-in taping.

And also to protect her family’s health, she chose to stay at home.

That is why even a small video that features her became the talk of the town.

Recently, her video washing the dishes became viral quickly as her fans are eager to see her on cam.

The video is shared by Dimples Romana on her Ig story.

“Bakit ka naghuhugas ng plato ng may plato?” Dimples can be heard asking Julia.

To which Julia replied, “Suma-sideling po ako, pwede na po ba kong pumasok?”

“Tignan ko nga, ay ganda, okay para pag gising ko maganda yung kasama ko,” Dinple said as they burst out laughing.

Dimple then shares that Julia is always that way, even though she’s a great actress she’s grater when she washes the dishes.

The said video seems taken in their recent bonding.

Julia also had a picture with Isabel Oli.

Netizens then quickly noticed Julia’s different aura now.

They said that it seems like Julia is used to doing some household chores.

They even assume that Julia is now a wife material.

They also notice some changes in Julia’s figure, it looks curvier and more matured.

Apparently, Julia Montes and Dimples Romana have managed to maintain their friendship after working together on the remake in 2010.

In the series, Kathryn portrayed the role of Mara; Julia, Clara; and Dimples, Alvira who is Clara’s mother and Mara’s real mother. The series premiered in August 2010 and continued to air until June 2011.

Watch it below:

What can you say? Do you also notice something with Julia?

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