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Ex-girlfriend of Kristoffer Martin On Their Unsuccessful Relationshp: “I think he had someone else”

The former live-in partner of Kristoffer Martin finally speaks up on why they broke up after seven years of being together.

She is none other than AC Bonzon, the Kapuso actor’s ex live-in partner. AC is also the mother of their 4-year-old daughter Pré.

Last January 21, 2021, Kristiffer finally admitted that he is already a father.

During his interview in 24 Oras, the 26-year-old actor also revealed that he is already separated with the latter. But he did not dropped the name of AC at that time.

“It didn’t work out, e. We talked about this, nag-usap talaga.

“Ayoko na siya… I won’t go into details kasi hindi naman dapat na sabihin yun, e,” Kristoffer said about their failed relationship.

On the other hand, was able to get the side of AC. She then confirmed that she is indeed the mother of Pré.

“The breakup was quite recent and I’m afraid I won’t be able to divulge the necessary details regarding the reason po for the breakup,” she first said.

However, after weeks, AC approached the showbiz portal again and said that she’s disappointed on how things turned out.

“At first I didn’t wanna put my ex on that much spot po kasi.

“Thought that I shouldn’t hurt people just because people hurt me.

“It’s just that I’m sort of disappointed of the sequence of events.”

AC said that she wanted to keep the reason to protect her ex-boyfriend. However, she is receiving a lot of messages asking why she acts like that.

AC then revealed that Kristoffer broke up with her on December 19, 2020. A day after he came from the lock-in taping which was December 18.

It turns out that the actor was the one who initiated the break up after 7 tears of their relationship. AC said that she even chased him after this.

“Ahhh, I think he had someone else during his lock-in taping.”

AC said that Kristoffer admitted this to her after a week of their break up.

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