Cherry Pie Picache Calmly Responds to a Netizen Calling Her ‘Cougar’ in a photo with her son

Posting a photo of herself with a young man earned Cherry Pie Picache a derogatory remark from a netizen.

Cherry Pie Picache is spending the first few days of the New Year with her son Jose Antonio “Nio” Tria in the beautiful island paradise of Boracay.

The TV and movie actress has been actively sharing her bonding moments with her 18-year-old son on Instagram. Nio is Cherry Pie’s son with ex-partner Gerry Tria.

Cherry Pie Picache and her handsome son Nio are really close, and they love posting memorable photos together.

It is accompanied by the caption: “Love building memories with this man @niotria ❤️❤️❤️Thank you @thelindhotels and everyone there who made them sweeter.”

A netizen, however, got the wrong idea.

And described Cherry Pie as a “cougar” in the comments of one of her posts.

Commenting on the photo, the netizen told the award-winning actress: “You ‘cougar’ you! Good for you. Enjoy life to the fullest!”

Cherry Pie didn’t get mad but she was quick to correct the netizen, noting the guy in the photo is actually her son.

“He is my son and the only man in my life,” Cherry Pie calmly responds.

The netizen profusely apologized for the malicious assumption.

“I am very sorry for my wrong interpretation. Sorry again. May God continue to bless you both with endless love and togetherness. I have been your fan forever due to your beauty and spirituality,” the post read.

While it is sometimes taken as a compliment, “cougar” is a term used to describe an older woman who seeks s3x’ual relationships with younger men.

Well, this goes to a saying that “think before you click.”

Maybe that certain netizen learned her lesson.

Your thoughts on this?

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