Last Tiktok Video of Christine Dacera With Friends On Christmas Eve Went Viral

Christine Dacera is still the most talked about person right now. She may have passed away already but she can’t rest in peace yet.

It is after her passing made so much noise as her family is seeking justice for her untimely passing.

For the authorities, there have been a foul play why Dacera faced her last hours. While the accused 11 persons of interest have been strongly denying it.

As the case is on going and many of us are at lost to know the truth, many videos and photos of Dacera with her friends who are also present in the party surfaced the social media again.

The netizens are very eagle-eyed and even dug up throwback photos and videos of her with her said friends to look for some clues.

One of which is the TikTok video of Dacera with her friends dancing the viral beat of the song Teach Me How To Dougie.

It was taken during the celebration of Christmas 2020. The TikTok video was personally uploaded by Romel Galido, the one who found Dacera in the bathtub.

Galido wrote in the caption, “Christmas Dinner.”

Dacera seemed to be so comfortable and enjoying her friend’s company at that time. Just like the party, she was the only girl seen on the video.

However, it is not clear if the other guys who are seen in the TikTok video uploaded by Galido were also all present during the New Year’s Eve party.

What do you think about this?


Written by ADmin

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