LOOK: Another CCTV Footage Shows Christine Dacera Kissing Someone

Another CCTV footage showing the last moments of Christine Dacera was showed again by PNP.

This time, Dacera can be seen kissing someone inside the hotel room during the party.

As everyone is still at lost on what really happened during the night and why Christine passed away after having fun with friends, another evidences were shown.

Recently, a screengrab from the CCTV inside the hotel room of Dacera and her friends was uploaded. It shows Christine being alive and even holding her sandals and a wine of glass.

Until tonight, January 6, the video was finally released by the PNP through the news.

In the said CCTV footage, it shows Dacera outside the hallway of their room. At first, she was with a guy wearing a muscle tee and white cap. They were knocking on the room and they kissed.

Later on, Dacera can be seen again in the hallway but this time, she was carried by a guy wearing a white shirt.

Although it is not clear who exactly the guy who she was kissing with whether the guy who was carrying her.

According to the report, the family of Dacera have already seen the CCTV footage but they are all letting the authorities to handle this.

In addition, another video clip showing Dacera and her friends inside the room was also sent to the PNP and was showed to the public.

Meanwhile, everyone is hoping that the truth will prevail soon and Christine may rest in peace.

Written by ADmin

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