CCTV Footage of Christine Dacera Before Her Tr4gic De4th

Christine Dacera has passed away after celebrating the New Year’s Eve of 2021. How sad and trag!c it is for her family.

Since the news broke everywhere, many gave their sympathies and expressed their condolences with the grieving family.

Sadly, this case of Dacera made too much noise and raises a lot of concerns even with the celebrities.

As of this publishing, the public is still waiting for the investigation and for the truth to come out.

According to the initial report, Aneurysm is the cause of the passing of Dacera. However, police also said that she is a victim of r4pe-sl4y case.

But most of the alleged persons of interest already aired their side and said that they have nothing to do with the passing of Dacera.

Actually, they even brought her to the hospital and reported it to the police.

Moreover, series of screenshots from the CCTV taken inside the Makati hotel shows last hours of Dacera being alive.

The photos were already revealed in public through 24 Oras and it circulated the social media again.

The first screenshot shows her at the exact time of 11:38 in the evening. Christine was then seen holing her sandals as well as wine glass at that time. She was with two guys.

Three other men can also be seen watching from the distance.

Meanwhile, these CCTV footage screenshots are now being used as another evidences for the case.

What do you think really happened?


Written by ADmin

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