Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo had a message for her biological father who abandoned them

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo still has no update on the whereabouts of her biological father.

Rabiya, 23, is the daughter of a Filipina and an Indian national.

Rabiya’s father, Mohammed Abdullah Syed Moqueet Hashmi is a conservative Muslim Indian-American who studied Medicine in Manila in the 90s. He fell in love with the mother, a Filipina, who was a schoolmate at Fatima College.

The parents had two children—Rabiya, the eldest, and younger brother Mokmok.

She was five-years-old when her father left the family and returned to the US for his medical board exams in 2001.

Rabiya never saw her father again. Asked if she would want to meet her father someday, she said, “Yes.”

She wishes to see him and thank him for the genes and for giving her the name, ‘Rabiya,’ which means ‘queen’ in Arabic.

However, Rabiya hopes that the day will come when their paths will cross again and her father will be proud of her.

“Actually, I was messaged by an Indian community. They are trying to ask for the name of my dad.

“But as of the moment, I still have no contact or any trace, where is he right now.

“Because the last time I heard, he’s in Chicago and he’s practicing as a doctor,” Rabiya said in an interview.

She then mentioned that she thinks it is really in her father’s plan to leave them.

“I think it was his plan to abandon us, ‘cause what happened was when he went back to the U.S., his two brothers are still here studying.

“And then all of a sudden, all of the connections were cut. And my mother went to the school to talk to his two brothers, but unfortunately, they also left for the U.S.”

What can you say?

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