Remember the child wonder in Miracle in Cell No.7 Kal So Won? She’s all grown up now!

Remember little Ye Sung from the hit 2013 movie Miracle In Cell No. 7 (that made you cry so many times)? The role was played by talented child actress Kal So Won, who was only around seven years old at the time the film was released. The movie was so popular, it paved the way for equally heartbreaking Turkish and Filipino adaptations!

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is a film about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for murder. He makes friends with other prisoners, who then help him see his young daughter by smuggling her into jail.

Kal So Won’s great acting talent was widely recognized, and she was nominated for the Grand Bell Award for “Best New Actress” and “Best Actress.”

Kal So Won was 7 years old during the making of the movie. After starring in the movie, Kal So Won went on to appear in various dramas and movies.

So Won also appeared in Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016) as the younger version of the mermaid Se Hwa and in A Korean Odyssey (2017).

After that, many fans are curious to see which TV or movie appearance she will make next, or if she will take a break and focus on her studies.

In 2019, actor Ryu Sung Ryeong, who played Ye Sung’s dad in Miracle In Cell No. 7, shared an adorbs reunion pic of them together.

He posted photos with child actress Kal So Won on his personal Instagram account and wrote,

“Father-daughter reunion. So Won is eating lots of beans and growing up healthy on Jeju [Island].”

Now a teenager, So Won is signed under YG Entertainment and is still active in the showbiz industry! She turned 14 years old on August 14, 2020.

She has grown up into a fine young lady.

What can you say with her looks now?

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