Andrea Torres Rushed Derek Ramsay To ER After Being Exposed In UV Light

Derek Ramsay was rushed to the emergency room after being exposed in UV light at their home.

This was revealed by the actor during his interviews with Iya Villania and Camille Prats in their talk show Mars Pa More.

According to the actor, the lights in their house was flickering so he decided to fix it quickly. Andrea warned him at the very moment no to look directly on the UV lights but Derek still did so.

At first, he already felt some pain in his eyes but it can be handled at first. But when the night comes and he was trying to sleep, he can’t open his eye but he don’t want to wake Andrea from her sleep.

He went to the bathroom and washed his face with water in a hope that it can lessen the pain. But it got worse and worse and worse.

That’s when he woke up Andrea and his girlfriend rushed him to the emergency.

“I went to the bathroom, naghugas ako ng mata. It got worse. Then it just got worse and worse, so napilitan na akong gisingin si Andrea, at tinakbo na ako sa ospital,” Derek said.

According to Dr. Jay Racoma, prolonged exposure of the eyes to UV light may result in photokeratitis and it could cause pain, temporary blurring, irritation, and redness swelling.

Derek even recalled screaming because of pain. Thankfully, Andrea was there with him and he had someone to bring him to the hospital.

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