Celebrity couple Jimmy Alapag and LJ Moreno had their own household chores upon moving in the US

LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag take the next step by moving their family to the United States.

Former PBA MVP Jimmy Alapag left the country together with his family for the U.S on Tuesday amid the growing uncertainty brought on by the global C0’VID-19 pandemic.

They made the announcement about having left the country on their YouTube vlog on September 19, 2020.

It was a tough decision, but a combination of faith, family, and career convinced the couple to make the move.

According to them, they spoke about what would be the next step for their family. The couple also said that they decided to move back to the United States “for the meantime”.

However, LJ clarified that she was adamant to migrate to the United States especially after recently suffering from a misc’arriage.

Also, LJ clarified that they weren’t closing their doors, adding that moving back to the United States was the best thing to do because of the C0’VID-19 pandemic.

And just recently, the couple has shared their latest vlog on their official YouTube account.

They shared how they are adjusting to their new life in Los Angeles.

In their previous vlog, which showed a glimpse of their life in the Philippines, it can be seen that they have quite a number of household helpers.

Meanwhile, living in the US is totally different. Having no helpers and doing household chores all by yourself could really be challenging.

Jimmy shared that they have been very busy the past few days, “It’s been a pretty hectic few days.” “We’re slowly adjusting without our help,” LJ said.

“We’re so tired. We haven’t had much sleep. We’re both going on a few hours of sleep,” Jimmy explained.

Watch their video below:

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